A Reward for Best Behavior

After a couple weeks of regimented walks/potty breaks, and limited play time in the house, I thought Louie had been behaving so well, that I decided to reward his good behavior with a visit to Nana’s house where he could get a little extra love, and have some time away from Delilah and the crate. Louie obviously has caught on to his training (as much as is possible for an overly rambunctious puppy), because he ASKED  to go outside for a potty break. He ran to the door and sat right down waiting for me to put on his collar and leash. I was literally in shock. His giant reward was as follows:IMG_2969He will still need quite a bit of really good training, but he’s now at the point where he is manageable, and understands that people (not Louie) are the boss. This dog is just way too adorable and loving, and even though he hasn’t reached perfection yet, I can’t believe that no one has scooped him up!

Louie recently went back to stay with the other dogs and our Fearless Leader so that he could have a little more time and attention than I could offer him.

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