Meet Isis

Meet our first foster: Isis

We picked up this little bundle of love at the rescue on Thursday evening, and let me tell you!-The last couple days have been an absolute whirlwind so far. Isis was returned to our rescue by the family who adopted her several months ago as a small puppy. Rescue returns are always confusing situations for both rescue workers, and the families who are returning their pets. On one hand, it would be very easy to blame the family for not sticking it out, or training the dog correctly. On the other hand, we at the rescue have no idea what the living situation has been for the family beyond what they reveal to us. Sometimes people aren’t prepared for, or don’t realize the tremendous amount of time, energy, and patience that go into dog ownership. Other times even though the family is committed to their new pet, it just isn’t the right fit. I believe that rescue returns are always in the best interest of the dog, and I appreciate the very difficult decision that some families have to make in giving up their family member. In Isis’ case (this is based on my own assumptions and conclusions, and what I have observed over the last few days), I think the family who adopted her was just not the right fit.

Isis 1

Isis takes after her Border Collie heritage in energy level, mental capabilities, and disposition. She is extremely intelligent and has already learned most of the house rules in just a few short days. She displays herding and protective tendencies which have caused minor upheaval in my household as Delilah, and Tyson The Cat don’t really think of themselves as cattle or sheep. Daily doses of raw honey, and exercise are in order!

Isis 2

Holding true to her Beagle side are her failure to know any 2-legged stranger (this girl loves everyone!), her size, and her vocalizations. The first night at our apartment, Isis howled, and howled, and howled. Normally I would leave her in her crate (I don’t want her to learn that she gets out of her crate, or gets my attention by being obnoxious), but as I have several neighbors, we quickly transitioned to sleeping in the bed with Delilah and myself-SPOILED!


For information about adopting Isis email:


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