Car Ridings, River Adventures, and Most Wonderful Bigger Sisters

Let me tell you about my weekend!

This last Thirstday, a nice lady, and her very tall man-brother came and took me home from the doggy orphanage. They loaded me up into their car, and took me home to their house. This house is full of nice cushiony places for my to rest my cute little head, antlers for me to chew on, and pretend squirrels for me to play with and throw in the air for myself. They even gave me a bigger sister (I call her “Big-D”) to boss around play with, and a kitty-kitty to herd around the house (watch out though! He resists the most expert herding skills by swiping at you with his angry-feet and scratching you right on the money maker).

Since I went to live with my new foster family, I’ve been on 3 grand adventures. That’s one for every day that I’ve lived at my new house! Foster Momma loads us up into the car, and puts on our seat belts for safety (I think this is silly. Dogs are not people, and we should be allowed to roam around the car and sniff out the tastiest of crumbs). Momma says that I cannot sit in her lap while she is driving, so I like to sit right next to her, and be her co-pilot. Can you tell I’m a professional?
This is my favorite spot in the car because I get to make my most hilarious silly-faces at momma while she is driving.


Sometimes Momma puts me in the back seat next to Big-D, and that’s not so bad because I. LOVE. BIG-D…and I get to curl up like this: I know it’s pretty cute. I’m trying my very hardest to be extra cute.


When we get to our adventuring place (this week we went to the river two times, and to the dog bark one time), I like to stay really close to Momma so she doesn’t get eaten by any giant salmon, or raccoons, or robins, or any other kind of wild beast that may come stumbling out of the wild to get us.


Sometimes Momma throws sticks for me, and I herd them right back to her, but mostly I like watching my silly sister.

She is SO WEIRD!


That Big-D, she just likes to rescue drownding sticks from the river. I tried to tell her this is pointless because the river will always have sticks in it…especially when there are tons, and tons of trees standing so close, but she didn’t really listen. She is so dumb silly!


When our adventures are over, and we have played, and rescued, and guarded, and herded, and wrastled  to our hearts content, and my short little beagle-legs start lagging behind Momma, we go back to the car, and load up. Momma says dirty dogs have to sit in the back seat until they are all cleaned off.


Delilah says she likes to give herself a bath, but I didn’t think she was doing a good job, so I sneaked in a couple wipes with my super-cleaner tongue to get her started.



She is SO dirty!!


When we get home, we don’t even have enough energies to do the bones or the kongs.


We just have enough energies to take naps on the kitchen floor, and hope that Momma accidentally drops a crumb near our noses so we don’t have to move to get our snacks.


for more information about meeting or adopting Isis, email us at: or visit us on facebook and pet finder



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