Curiosity May Have Killed The Cat, but it Drove The Dog Nuts

Little Isis is for the most part a very calm dog. When we are home she will mostly laze around chewing on kongs or antlers, and taking naps in between. Her one vice, and the thing that gets her whining and wiggling with excitement, is Tyson.

She wants so badly to be his friend and play with him like he is another dog, but all of her attempts are much too boisterous for Mr. Tyson. He’s a very dog-tolerant cat, so he can hang around with the dogs and not be overwhelmed easily, and he is not too feisty (lucky for Isis! If Tyson was your average cat, that pup would be covered in scratches).

She will lay on her belly and army-crawl as close as possible just to get in a little rump sniff before the swipers of death come out.

Delilah is my little mediator, and stands guard of her kitty-kitty when Isis gets too rambunctious around the cat. Isis is not so good at reading calming signals from other animals when she’s overly excited, and her attempts at winning over Tyson have become a great source of entertainment for the boys and myself. She is just way too adorable!

for more information about meeting or adopting Isis, email:, or check us out on Facebook and pet finder


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