Meet Spot

This big guy came home with us Saturday night. After we sent little miss Isis to her new family.


The name Spot is very fitting, as he is covered in them-including his nose!

We also agreed to some other names that would be fitting:

“TANK” for the fact that he is about 15lbs overweight, and carries it all in his shoulder area.

“EARS” for those quirky, flopsy, goofy ears on the top of his head. They give him tons of character.

“SCOUT” because his super-sniffer is always going, seeking out the nearest crumb


Spot is a six-year-old Australian Cattle Dog (a.k.a. blue heeler). He definitely doesn’t have the energy level that our Little Isis had, due to the fact that not only is he a little bit older, but he is very over weight. We’ve been given strict instructions (which I may, or may not, have already broken) to only feed him 1c. of food per day. Just so you understand-that’s 1/4 what I would normally feed a dog his size. Needless to say, he follows us around any time he knows we are eating, and has already figured out that his new post is at the fridge, and will come running at the sound of dishes being moved around, or a can of salmon being opened.

I’m nervous about adjusting his current diet too much, but he seems to be “backed up” a little-if you know what I mean…so I’ve decided to add some low-fat Greek yogurt to his diet to get things moving again. Yogurt is a great ingredient to add to your dog’s food. It promotes digestive health, and has the same benefits for dogs as it does for humans: urinary tract health, digestive health, tons of probiotics, and is a healthy source of dairy. If your dog is lactose intolerant, try feeding them keifer which is basically yogurt made from a dairy alternative (soy, almond, coconut, etc…).IMG_1048

Mr. Spot had his first bath with us immediately after we brought him home. This dog stunk. Thankfully, the bath time was short, and sweet, and he came home smelling like a bouquet of roses. He has so much fur that we filled the drain catch twice. He was so clean that we even made a visit to Nana’s house on the second day!

for information about meeting or adopting Spot email us at, or visit us on facebook and petfinder!


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