Foster Friday: Spot’s Raining Day Adventures

Okay guys! I finally got foster Mom to stop hogging the lap stop, and to let me write my very own posting. Actually what’s really happening is that I’m barking my story at mom, and she is typing it. We thought this was a better idea cause everything about me is stumpy…especially my toes. Anyways…I’ve been practicing my most wonderful waiting skills by waiting for a chance to tell you about my adventurings from our wettest raining day last week.


My bigger-but-not-older foster sister and my handsome self, went to the dogs park with Momma while it was raining pouring dumping water balloons on top of our heads. Momma was all bundled up in her raining jacket cause she is silly and does not like the raining drops. Delilah and I LOVE being wet, and dripsy, and mudsy! 

IMG_1084I did one of my most waitiest waits for momma at the gate, and FINALLY when she said “okay” and let us in, Delilah ran miles and miles away cause of her long leggings that make her go so far, and I followed right behind way behind her. I was more interested in sniffling out all of the dogs that had been at the park before me, and there. were. so. many.


After I sniffed, and smelled, and sneezed, I decided I needed to ketchup my sister cause she was running crazy circles around me. I used my best herding skills, but to no avail…my short stubby body, and big musclies, are no match for Delilah’s longedness, and swiftedness. I tried to hard to ketchup her, but every time I slipped and fell straight into the muddy (I may have done this on purpose).

IMG_1087 And the best part was that it was so raining outside, there were only five dogs there, and we were two of those dogs! Basically that means, I was king Delilah and I were the king and queen of the whole park.

IMG_1086That doggy park was so full of lakes, and rivers, and flooding, and oozy goozy muds! It was a dirty doggy wonderland. I tried to tell Momma that this is how dogs are supposed to look and smell, but it did not change her directions from making us to go into the doggy bath. That is my not favorite part of the whole day.

IMG_1082I’m telling you guys. If it starts training this weekend, you should all tell your parents to hurry and grab the leash, and RUN outside and down to the dog park. OR you could just skip the dog park, and come see me at my first public appearance at Petco in Tacoma. I would LOVE to see you cause I’ve been saving a lot of my kisses for some very special people!

Come visit Spotasaurus tomorrow at Petco on 6th Ave in Tacoma he will be there 11am-3pm

for more information about adopting Spot, email, or visit us on facebook and petfinder


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