Foster Hurricane

We’ve seen three fosters come and go in just one week!! It’s been crazy, and fun, but I had so little time with each of them! Just as soon as their little personalities came out, they were gone. On to their next home. I absolutely LOVE these dogs, but am a little bit relieved that I will be able to now settle in with a long-er term foster. Here are some highlights about each of our very special house guests:

MEET CATO-7mo Mastiff

Cato was our 2-day foster who we had just while our fearless rescue leader made the exhausting 20hr trip to Oraville, Tenasket, and Yakima to retrieve more rescues. He is the cutest puppy I’ve seen in a long time! He has a giant head and a wiggly body that follows after it. It’s so hard to turn down his begging for love when he is so adorable. Cato has a very unfortunate deformity where he doesn’t walk on the pads of his feet, but instead on this “ankles” which has caused him a lot of discomfort. We have purchased some braces for his feet, but it is uncertain if this will help at all as his growth plates may be too developed to treat this disability without extremely expensive surgery. The foreseeable future for this pup includes thousands of dollars in vet bills. We are hoping and praying for the best and least traumatizing solution for poor little Cato, and waiting for the perfect forever home. He is just the sweetest dog. SO deserving of a happier life than he has had in his past. I remain confident that he will find someone who has all the love and finances to care for this silly bundle of love!


MEET SHARPIE-5yo Lab/Sharpei mix

20140324-202128.jpg When I picked up Sharpie, I expected another untrained farm dog or some kind of behavior issue that would somehow come bubbling to the surface.

THIS. DOG. IS. PERFECT. There were no “accidents,” he walks beautifully on leash, and loves all two- and four-legged creatures. He doesn’t have endless energy and went along with whatever spontaneous plan Delilah and I come up with each day. So it was no surprise that he was one of the first dogs adopted at Saturday’s Petco event. His new family is the perfect match-a younger couple with a couple of kids who were already doting on him as they left the pet store with tons of gifts for their new bigger brother.


MEET DEXTER- 7mo Dutch Shepherd/Hound Mix

20140325-183707.jpg On Saturday, as we loaded up dogs, a small miscommunication led me to believe that we were taking Dexter to the event to be adopted. Normally I have to fight to get slip leads on the dogs as they try to shove their way out the kennel doors, but not Dexter. Instead I had to climb into the kennel where he was huddled in an anxious ball, and patiently lead him out to the truck where I was told, “Oh, oops! Wrong dog.. We wanted the other puppy.” I simultaneously rejoiced (because I was reluctant about bringing this terrified pup to an event where there would be crowds of people, and tons of dogs), and grieved (because I knew that this little guy had a BIG fear issue). Dexter went back into his safety zone, and we headed off to Petco where sharpie was adopted, and I had absolutely no trouble deciding which dog I wanted for my next foster. Dexter has a long road ahead of him, but has already been making (literally) leaps and bounds towards building up some trust and confidence.


for information about adopting Dexter, or fostering through our organization email us at: or come see us at Petco on 6th Ave. in Tacoma this Saturday 11am-3pm



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