Month: April 2014

Welcome Back Dexter

IMG_1322Tuesday morning I got a phone call that no foster-mom wants to hear: one of my dogs was being returned. While we enjoyed having Maverick with us for a few short days, we just cannot have more than 2 dogs at a time, and it was important to us that Dexter be brought back to a familiar place with familiar people. He is one dog that would not do well at all in the kennel, and Maverick had changed from cowering little scaredy cat dog, into obnoxious attention hog, so we felt okay sending Maverick on to another foster, and taking Dexter back into our home.IMG_1338The whole ordeal with Dexter has been absolutely heart breaking for me as well as his owners-The S’s. He had an incredibly hard time adjusting to being around a male owner because of his fear. We believe little Dex suffered some form of abuse from a man before he came to the rescue, and though he had come a long way at the point of his adoption, and we believed the family was a good fit-there was still a lot of work to be done. Unfortunately one of Dexter’s family members will be going through several weeks of recovery from surgery, and the family just does not have the resources or time to give 100% for Dex. Picking him up from his home on Wednesday was one of the hardest things I think I’ve had to do since I started working with the rescue. Some owner surrenders/confiscations are easy because you are aware that the dog owners were not actually that great for the dog. They didn’t really think about the effort that goes into having a companion like that. But this family was perfect they spoiled Dexter to death, loved on him, walked him, fed him rice and chicken instead of kibble-they were the best I could’ve ever hoped for one of my dogs. It breaks my heart to know the sacrifice they are making in order for Dex to have the best, and I’ve made it my new mission to find this perfect family-a perfect dog.IMG_1340Our work with Dexter is far from over. It may be a few weeks before I really want to take him to an adoption event. I want to have his fear issues completely settled before we place him into a new home.


I’m sure you will all be un-surprised when I tell you that Dexter still has stores upon stores of energy. There is nothing I can do to wear this dog out! Two hours at the river throwing sticks, swimming, restling, etc.. on Thursday did little to expend any energy from that little body. He’s only pretending to be asleep in the picture above. He’s actually waiting for me to fall asleep so he can sneak away and run through the house, but I know better!!IMG_1348It was so hard to get a decent picture because he is constant motion. There is always too much to see, and too many things to sniff.IMG_1355 He wasn’t so sure about the water at first, and didn’t quite master swimming, but by the end of the day he was soaked, and at least jumping through the river to about chest deep. IMG_1354 He wasn’t really interested in chasing any sticks unless the other dogs were doing it too. Someday he’ll understand what “fetch” means.IMG_1350for information about adopting Dexter:

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