Foster #10-The Diesel

20140521-064414-24254513.jpgOur new load of dogs came in Monday night, and I went out to pick up my new foster Diesel. From the images I had seen before he was transported out this week, I thought he was your average-looking black flat coated retriever… Then I saw him. Diesel is a Retriever/Rottweiler mix. His fur is long and shiny like a Retriever, but he has oh-so-subtle brown Rottweiler markings in all the usual places, and it’s beautiful!

20140521-072451-26691682.jpgAs beautiful as he is, Diesel is a huge shedder. When I picked him up Monday I thought, “Oh he’s so fluffy and cute!” Then yesterday’s bath time rendered what could’ve taken care of at least 3 Chinese Crested dogs. I brushed, and brushed, and brushed, before and during bath time, and brushed, and brushed, and brushed, afterwards. By the time I was done (okay, not actually done, but my arms wore out.. leave me alone!), I had a skinny short-er haired dog.

20140521-140341-50621833.jpgI’m under the impression that The Diesel is a farm dog (probably true as he came to us from the usual Tenasket/Oraville area). He knows basic commands, but doesn’t really have any clue about house manners, and seems starved for attention. He is my constant shadow, and has to be within my view at all times. The last two nights I’ve fallen asleep to hot dog breath, a face full of fur, and a paw across my shoulder. And this is why I don’t have a boyfriend!

20140521-141109-51069631.jpgDiesel is a very sweet and silly dog. He has such a huge personality that I find myself sitting at home alone laughing and talking with him like a crazy woman. This boy will make his future family so incredibly happy. He would be a wonderful dog for small children or for a lonely old kook who wants a good friend.

for more information about adopting The Diesel:
Like us on Facebook
Look us up on Petfinder
Email us at
Or come meet The Diesel and his buddies this Saturday at Petco on 6th Ave in Tacoma 11am-3pm


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