Foster Friday: The Jailbird

Let me tell you all about my debut appearance last Saturday! It did not go so well. All I wanted to do was trot around the Petsgo soliciting loves and hugs from all of my adorning fans… and maybe mark all of the Petsgo store so that everyone knew I had been there. But what happened instead? 20140530-190809-68889702.jpg My foster momma and her minions put me in the slammer! Life was so miserable for me. Here I was on the day of my glorious coming-out, and they made me to lay down in the eensy weensy miniature little prison and watch as all my adorning fans squawked by. There were two or three of my fans who commed by and let me out for a walk, and I did my bestest to woo them with my adornableness. I hugged them, and I kissed them, and I even flopsied over onto my back so they could get a good look at my huge muscles belly, and boy did they love that! I got lots and lots of belly rubs and loves.

20140530-202101-73261968.jpg Then no sooner had someone busted me out of the slammer, than one of those darn minions told me I had to go back. Now, you can ask anyone; once you’ve been in the slammer-you do not ever want to go back. So I flopsied right over onto my back, and gave them the cutsiest wiggle I could, but to no avail… I ended up right back behind those bars. That sneaksy momma, she tricksed me by going onto the backside of the slammer so I would run inside to see her, then BAM the doors shut right behind me.

Momma says that the miniature slammer is not a prison. That it is my safety place to hide and be good, but I know better! She says that I have to work on my imprisoning manners so that it’s nicer for my future family to take scare of me. So I said “Okay… Fine, momma. If that twill make you hapsy, then I’ll try.” And try I did! I have been honing in on my prisoning skills all week, and my future family is in for a large surprise when they meat me! I’m not all the way convicted that the miniature prison is a safety place for me, but it’s not as bad as I thought.


20140530-203046-73846450.jpg for information about adopting The Diesel:
Like us on Facebook
Look us up on petfinder
Find our NEW website
Or come see him yourself tomorrow at Petco on 6th Ave in Tacoma 11am-3pm


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