A Fairly Hairy 5k

Today all of us dogs and our mommas packed up into the car, and drove a long, long way-all the way up to Seattle so that we could show off our buddy Sampson to the world, and to help some other doggies who we don’t know by walking 5 kilometers.

Now how exactly, this helps other homeless dogs…I have no idea! I never heard of walking saving anyone’s life. If I were those other dogs in the slammer, I would be doing my bestest efforts to claw and climb my way out of that place….but walking and running??

downloadfile-4Anywho…Here is a photo of my friends Ace {my fostering buddy}, and Sampson {Ace’s  newest prodegy} walking with our fearful leader down the street. Now I need to tell you all that by this time I had already smoked these guys out. I don’t know if you can see, but they are covered in dusts from the bottoms of my feets.
downloadfile-2 Lucky Sampson got to have his first play time in the water. I was so very jeaous of him because I was made to run right past the lake {which is my favorite thing in the world if you don’t already know}, and I did not have a turn to go swimming.downloadfileSee that big old smile on his face?? He was so hapsy to find a whole crowd of new friends! His favorite thing to do is kiss them right on the tip of their nose because he already loves them so much.downloadfile-10Now I don’t know if you can see what momma let sampson do here, but had I been there with them I would’ve said “Don’t you dare get in, or exprecially take gulps out of that icky doggy pool. That is stigusting!” My momma was not stinking clearly when she let that goofy dog into the play pool. She should have stumped it over into the grasses and flowed in some new waters.


downloadfile-17Here is a picture of me and my most favorite running lady. We runned, and ran, and I pooped, then we ran, and runned, and I saw the water, and running lady said “No Delilah, keep running!” so we runned, and runned, and finally, we crushed the finish line. I am not so sure why we were in such a flurry because after we finished the brace, we just sat there, and waited. There was nothing to do but wait for my momma, and she took a longer time than anyone I ever waited for!!downloadfile-1Here is my buddy Ace just lazing around. I don’t know how he was so tired! I still had so many energies after the brace that I could just not sit still, and when I finally saw my momma crush the line, I suddenly had a million more.downloadfile-6Here is silly Ace sleeping again in the car on the sway home. I cannot under stand this dog. He has snow many muscles, but he is always sleeping!downloadfile-3 for information about adopting Sampson:

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look us up on petfinder

visit our website

email us at: savingpawsofwa@gmail.com


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