A Fond Farewell

My special boy, Diesel was adopted at our event Saturday. He’s been my longest foster to date, and one of the best. In typical Rottweiler tradition, he wanted to always be in physical contact with someone. I could not even act as though I was going to bed or sitting down somewhere without Diesel flouncing right up and wiggling up as close as possible.

I will miss his ridiculous anti-crate gymnastics. I will miss his quirky little skip when he walks. I will miss his hilarious half bark/half sneeze that he does when we wants another treat. I will miss those sweet morning cuddles with his goofy leg flopped over my shoulder. And I may even find myself missing that wonderful dog breath in my face as I fall asleep. 010 Although I was starting to go crazy wondering why this dog was still in rescue; I am glad that it took so long, because had I pushed him into a “forever home” he would not have found such an awesome family. Diesel’s new home is better than I could have ever hoped!

The problem with large black dogs {especially dog mixed with “aggressive” breeds such as Rottweiler, Doberman, and Pitbull}, is that in online photos, and even from outside the crate; they look as though they lack personality. We all know that this is far from the truth for The Diesel! He is filled with personality and funny little quirks that make him one of a kind, but no one had showed much interest in him.20140521-064221-24141403.jpg20140530-202101-73261968.jpgAn adorable family of four had been emailing the rescue over last week, and were initially interested in an English Pointer named Charlie; with Diesel as their secondary choice.

They came in and were waiting as we unloaded dogs, and I just happened to be the first volunteer to ask what kind of dog they were looking for. I was thrilled to find that they had already filled out an application, and wanted to meet the dogs they were considering. Being Diesel’s foster, I offered up as much information as I could about him, and did my best with Charlie’s details. I gave them all the pros about Diesel {there are so many}, and full disclosure on his cons {anti-crate gymnastics, distaste for other large-breed male dogs, and the fact that though he is cuddly…he can be obnoxious about it}. All of these issues are easily remedied with consistent training and boundaries, and are very minor compared to the issues some of our other dogs have.

When I saw that they were undeterred by any of Diesel’s issues, I offered to bring him out to meet their little girls {ages 1 1/2, and almost 3}, and see what they thought of him. As we stood near the other dogs, the little 3 year old was completely distracted by the menagerie of cats and dogs. She wandered from crate to crate squatting at each and saying “Hewo goggy!”. I suggested that they take a walk through the store to see if she would pay more attention to The Diesel if he was the only goggy around…fail. She remained distracted; running between the displays picking out collars and leashes which she brought to her mom.

The frustrated couple really wanted their daughter to have a connection with the dog they adopted, so we decided to move on to Charlie and see if she would interact more with him. I rounded up a treat, and tossed it in Diesel’s crate, shutting the door behind him when all of a sudden:


This little girl suddenly started sobbing and trying to open Diesel’s crate; slip-lead in hand. IMG_1879She sat at the crate, and would not leave Diesel. I set them up with paperwork, and waited as they filled out their contract; doing my best to help distract this little girl from the fact that her newest best friend was locked in a crate {I’m the worst at distracting children from their woes}. When they were finished, I brought Diesel over for his microchip, and was chased down by the toddler for the leash. She stood there waiting {and still sobbing}, holding the leash while hugging her new dog and combing her little fingers through his fur.IMG_1860This family is just made for Diesel, and I am certain that he will get all the cuddles and loves he desires. I am so very happy with his new home!


Stay tuned to meet my newest foster-dog!!



Just in case you’re wondering…Charlie also found his forever home this weekend. It was love at first sniff:


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