Meet Ruben

IMG_1909While we try incredibly hard at Saving Paws to give our dogs all they need as far as love and attention; it is near impossible for us to ease the stress of these dogs being surrounded by several others 24/7. Ruben came to us from Nourishing Hands Equine Rescue where he was picked up as a stray. We receive the majority of our dogs from this wonderful group. They are set up as mainly a horse rescue, but find it in their hearts to give relief to their local police force {they are only able to hold dogs for 72 hrs before euthanizing} by taking dogs off their hands, and even picking up strays and abandoned dogs on their own. You would be amazed at how many dogs these ladies transport to us on a weekly basis. I really can’t believe that there are any dogs left in that town!

On the trip we made to pick up Ruben and twenty other dogs, we were told that the majority of the dogs had either animal or people aggression, and would have to be kenneled separately. Much to our surprise, only about half of them had issues. I’m not sure what causes the dogs to change temperament between Oroville and Puyallup, but we have actually had very few issues with the dogs from Nourishing Hands being aggressive. Those that are, only need some guidance and boundaries. Ruben was supposed to be one of the more temperamental dogs, but we have had little issue with him. The worst I’ve seen from him is a wrinkled sneer at dogs outside the apartment. His biggest issue has been fear of humans. He barely let me pet him when he came off the transport last week, and did not do well at Saturday’s adoption event. Several people inquired about him, but the minute he was out of the crate and on a leash, they changed their minds and every one of them said,

Oh…he’s a little too timid for me.” 

I have to bite my tongue as I write this blog…all I have to say is this:

rescuing a dog implies just that-rescuing: the selfless act of saving a life.

If you want a perfect, issueless dog, then go spend buckets of money at a breeder and have fun with the potty training!IMG_1912It will never cease to amaze me how stifling the rescue scene can be on a dogs personality and confidence. I thought my week would be filled with stuffing treats down this dog’s throat in attempts to teach him that people are sources of love and safety. Once Ruben was in my home for a few hours, and had a chance to meet everyone; he became a huge attention hog. His personality took no time to come bubbling up to the surface, and he now races circles around me and voluntarily snuggles up into my lap for a pet.IMG_1911He is at peace now, and I am so pleased with how Ruben’s fostering experience is going. He does have a few things to work on such as attempting to make sweet love to Delilah against her will, and going potty in the house. He wears a belly band {read: “diaper”} to protect my carpets, and receives a treat upon desecrating the plants outside my apartment. This dog is going to truly change someone’s life, and I cannot wait to see how!IMG_1908

Have any of you had the experience of seeing a dog’s personality change based on their environment? Was it a good change or bad? Send me your stories!

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