Month: July 2014

Throwback Thursday: road strips

Since Delilah lives and breathes for the spotlight, we decided that she should have her very own blogging day all to herself so we can share all of our adventures from the old days with our readers. In her short life, Delilah and I have been on many adventures and had quite a few hilarious encounters {most involve me chasing her around trying to catch her}. 

So here goes! Welcome to Delilah’s very first “Throwback Thursday”Photo May 30, 8 59 50 PM

Okay everyone! I finally cone-vinced my momma that I needed a turn to write on her block so that her adorning fans would know all about me, and not just those poorly-behaved-and-usually-stinky other dogs who she lets into our house.

Today, I will tell you all about my travelings that I do with Momma. She says to me that we are like Tripsys because we like to pack up our favorite things and go on trips all the time. I have already lived in 5 places since I was borned just two-and-a-half years ago, and that doesn’t even count the road strips we take in between each of our homelies.

When I was borned, I lived in Sparkane, and Momma and my adorable self went visiting around to places like My-Ant-Anna, Acoma, Stumpytown {that means Portland}, and Roostervelt Lake.

Photo May 20, 11 39 40 AM Photo May 20, 11 21 47 AMHere I am {just 4 months old} in Miss Zoola when we hiked up to The “M”

Since I’ve been on so many cart trips, I am an awesome cart doggy. When I hear Momma say that we are going somewhere I cannot help but wiggle, and dance, and jump around all over the place. When we go striving near where we live in Poo-Lip, I always have too any energies to lay down and sleep in the cart. That’s why long road strips are my very favorite. Momma puts my biggest bed and most comfiest blankets in the back so that most of the car is a giant doggy lair.

Photo May 24, 6 37 06 PM This is on our way from Sparkane to Poo-Lip on the way to visit my bestest bud Charlie-girl

When we lived in Sparkane my most favorite place to visit was to my bestiest friend Charlie’s house. Now we don’t have to strive so very fart because when Momma and I moved, we moved right necks to Charlie’s house, and now I get to see her whenever I want.

Check out this video of me and Charlie on the first day we ever knowed each other! We went to the beach in Acoma and we both swummed for the first time!

This was a very funny day, but I will bark you that story sometime later.

Happy Thirstday everyone!