Welcome to The Zoo

This week has been crazy, and it’s only Tuesday!

20140708-074320-27800819.jpgAfter Saturday’s adoption event, I brought home a litter of 4 kittens who had been staying at another foster home because it was easier to arrange their much needed sterilization surgeries {gasp!} with my schedule than with their current foster’s. They are the sweetest {and also most mischievous} kittens, and they will be loads of fun for their future families. They have been quarantined in my bathroom which now smells as though a large horse has taken up habitation there.20140708-074319-27799265.jpg


Sunday, I received a text from our fearless leader saying she got me a bunny! Now just so you are not confused in any way: I. LOVE. BUNNIES……TO DEATH!

photo 4When she told me that aside from being the nicest bun-bun on earth; it had a broken leg, half an eyelid, and flip-flopped organs {which will forever make him look like a fat glutton}-my heart literally melted!

photo 2His eye will heal over, but has to have constant antibiotic ointment on it so that maybe the injury will grow back to at least almost normal.

I went and picked up Harvey last night from the rescue and he is now safe and sound in his little bunny palace with Delilah sitting just outside offering an occasional lick through the wires. Tyson keeps his distance, but follows Harvey through the apartment to monitor the situation.photo 1On my way home from picking up Harvey, I stopped to see my mom who was returning from a trip to Idaho, and {LO’ AND BEHOLD!} she rescued a little grey and white cat that her parents found on their property, and had carted it home to be adopted out through the rescue. Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of this kitty yet, but she is such a lover.

This most recent addition leaves me at a whopping: 6 felines, 3 canines, and 1 O. Cuniculus

And…Just in case you’re wondering…that’s 5 times the apartment complex limit!

Each species of animal has been separated into small areas of the house. The little Chihuahuas have run of the kitchen {neither are potty trained, but we are working on at least potty pad training for the moment}. The kittens are in my bathroom, the 2 adult cats are in my brother’s room, and Delilah and Harvey are currently taking turns in the living room.

Is it sad that I’m still confident about getting my deposit back?
photo 5


for information about adopting a dog or cat {sorry…no rabbits guys}, volunteering, or donating:

like us on facebook

look us up on petfinder

visit the website

email us at: savingpawsofwa@gmail.com


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