Month: September 2014

Foster Friday: Louie vs. The Tie-Down

Last night my momma bringed me home the bestest surfrise ever! BUNNIES! She bringed me little fluffy baby bunnies, and big momma bunnies. Now I was stinking so hard of ways I could get past that see throughy wall, and into the bathroom to meat Harvey the bun, but since my momma is such a smarty pants; she always kennel-upped me into my crate before she opened the bathroom door, so I never got my hoppingtunity to try any of my most devious plannings. IMG_2815.JPG Then slowing behold! After I goed potty outside, and goed running into the house – I found them! A whole herdling of fluffy, smelly, hippy, hoppy bunnies! Now momma has just too many to hide away from my peeping eyes and sniffling nose. She said since they were safely inside their crate, and she was right besly me, I could sniffle them…only sniffle them.

IMG_2816.JPG Well…let me tell you…it’s very hard for me to only sniffle anything. I tried my hardiest to only sniffle, but then Big D comed over and got me all excited {I think she did it on porpoise because she hasn’t decided that she likes me yet} so momma said I have to go onto my tie-die.

IMG_2808.JPG Now let me tell you all about the last time Momma putted me onto the tie-dye. It happened right after she taked those so adornable pictures of me. I eated the leash. It was holding me in only one place and not letting me go anywhere – so I eated it.

IMG_2809.JPG This time, Momma was repaired for my deviousness and she stocked around to make sure I didn’t excape from the tie-dye this time.

IMG_2812.JPG I did my best flipsing and flopsing around to get myself away from that evil string of death. I manured myself behind the couch to see if that collard would come over my head, but my brains are too big for that.

IMG_2810-0.JPG Then I stinked that maybe if my head was big, my body wouldn’t be big. So I tried to fit my whole body through the collard, and all I did was choke myself. That was not pleasing to me.

IMG_2813.JPG Finally Momma stocked taking pictures of my misfortunes and gived me the biggest bone I have ever seed in my life. That maked me forget all about that stupid tie-dye….but not the fluffy buns!