Buried Bones


Welcome to The Rusty Dog Archives!

Here you will find an assortment of all our adventures, and more. The links are organized by foster dog, and there are even a few that link to posts about the rescue, or non-foster dogs who have great happy endings.


Little Isis

Meet Isis

The Wonders of the Kong

Car Ridings, River Adventures, and Most Wonderful Bigger Sisters

Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat, but it Drove the Dog Nuts

Parking for Dogs??



The Spotasaurus

Meet Spot

Welcome to The City, Cowboy!

See Spot Run Wait

Foster Friday: Spot’s Raining Day Adventures

See Spot Go!



Fostering Courage

Welcome Back Dexter

Heart and Soul



Meet Kaspen


Brave Maverick

Meet Maverick

Heart and Soul


The Diesel

Foster #10: The Diesel

Foster Friday: Diesel the Farm Dog

Foster Friday: The Jailbird

Cuddle Bug

Sleepy Heads

A Fond Farewell


Happy Tails and Various Other Rescue-Related Posts


Heart and Soul

Foster Hurricane

A Fairly Hairy 5k

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