About The Rusty Dog

IMG_1026Welcome all readers, bloggers, and especially DOG LOVERS! 

I am so excited to share my adventures in rescue with everyone, and I hope that my own interest, and growing experience will inspire you to be excellent, educated, and caring dog owners/lovers. My intentions in blogging about my adventures is to:

1) Show you how a dirty, neurotic mess of a dog who lives in a glorified cage, can become THE BEST companion you could want-then get you to ADOPT her.

2.) Talk about the care and time that goes into training, feeding, loving, and most importantly-WORKING your dog. Dogs are born for hard work and exercise. They need this daily for their mental, physical, psychological, and emotional health!

3.) Share about the world of dog rescue and foster. Rescues and shelters are SO necessary, yet they are too often left understaffed, and under equipped to reach their potential. I hope to inspire you to give some of yourself-time, money, hand-me-downs, whatever-to a shelter who needs it.

Check out The Rusty Dogs page to see a summary about each of the dogs I have fostered or hold dear to my heart.

Open up the Buried Bones page to see our entire history of blog posts. 





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