This week has been equally insane as the last. It seems this summer has a lot to throw at me! Between managing the numbers of pets in my apartment, and keeping up on regular work things, my writing was thrown to the back burner for a few days, and I’m glad to have a few spare minutes to sit down and write.

There have been some events in the last few days that have caused a lot of frustration and heartbreak for us at the rescue. It is disheartening when things don’t go exactly how I plan for my fosters. I want the best for them, and I want them to ultimately go into homes that will take even better care for them than I have. It’s in these moments that I have to remind myself of what a reward it is to work in the world of rescue.

I’m realizing more and more that it takes a lot of strength and stubbornness to be involved with these dogs, and how rare it is to find people that love these dogs as much as we do at the rescue. We have been very blessed at Saving Paws to have found mostly perfect placement for our dogs, and I am so grateful to those people for the determination they put into their new family members. I always hope that I am giving my fosters a preview of their future life. I would bend over backwards to give them the best, and I always look for that in their potential families.



We got some bad news Saturday that sweet little Dexter was yet again being surrendered. I had a flurry of emotions when I heard this news, having made very clear to his second adopters that he has severe issues with fear of people, in particular-men.IMG_1340One of our volunteers made a quick trip up to retrieve him, and arrangements were made to swap out Tyson {who has made leaps and bounds} for Dexter who would definitely shut down in the kennel environment, and likely has found himself even more issues than he had the first and second times he was in our lives.

Dexter was to be dropped off at the apartment on Sunday afternoon, but when I called to find out what time he would arrive, I was told that he had jumped out of our volunteer’s car window at a stop sign. Unfortunately, the volunteer who was transporting him was a man, so he had little to no chance of approaching Dexter.

My heart broke when I heard this news. Dexter is incredibly dear to me, and I am left completely frustrated with how his “Happy Endings” have turned out. I may offend a few people, but I do not believe there is ever a justified reason for giving up a family pet-especially one that has been rescued. When you adopt a dog, you are making a commitment to their safety and well being; promising to be their guardian and safe-keeper forever.  He has now been taken from 2 homes after just enough time to finally be comfortable with his surroundings. This dog should never have been in this situation.


2014-06-29 13.54.04 This last week we have noticed that Stewart is getting thinner and thinner {he was already under weight when I got him}, and already being a picky eater-has almost completely lost interest in food. When presented with dry dog food, he takes a couple sniffs, and maybe a nibble, then asks to be picked up.

On top of his disinterest in food, Stewie has developed a little snarf. His nose has been a little runny since yesterday, so I am concerned that his lack of nutrition has lowered his immune system.

Yesterday was filled with cooking up tasty foods for little Stewie in hopes of reviving his appetite. He is always willing to beg from myself or my brother, but never wants food out of his own dish. Our plan is to cook chicken or ground beef and rice and mix it in with some cottage cheese {a food that Stewie actually likes}, and feed several small meals each day.

IMG_2343On a lighter note: Stewie and Harvey have become inseparable. Harvey follows Stewie around the kitchen, snuggles with Stewie in the dog bed, and even hops up on Stewie in his sleep. They are absolutely adorable, and I will feel bad taking Harvey’s first best friend away when Stewie is adopted.

Last week we were able to send the litter of 4 kittens off to a different foster. As much as we loved them it was just way too much for my little apartment. All but one were adopted on Saturday, and I am sure the last little girl will not be in rescue for long.

**Apologies for the depressing tone of this post. We will have a more upbeat post later this week**




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