We cannot help that some events in out lives are bittersweet. They are the things that leave us feeling empty and at a loss.IMG_1026

The moments that we arrive to quickly, but that we wish could drag on forever.
IMG_0960 Yesterday we said goodbye (for now) to sweet Little Isis. She was adopted by a family who could offer her much more than just her temporary life with us.
IMG_1027 We are so happy to send her on her way to happily-forever-after, but are wishing we could have her with us for just one more second.
20140226-111308.jpg This little girl brought so much life and joy to our lives in just 8 short days! Her little scoot across the room to visit the kitty-kitty, her funny little curled up sleeping-ball, those perky ears and yellow/blue eyes, that beagle bark roo, roo, roooo…her love of walking right through the middle of every puddle she comes across, and her very cute playing maneuvers with Delilah will all be missed dearly.

IMG_0984 Yesterday was exciting, and rough, and just plain confusing! I thought that letting a foster go would be so incredibly easy. I know my goal-to save the life of just one more, but that first one more is harder to let go than I thought. Eight days doesn’t seem long, and isn’t really, but in that short period we saw Little Isis transform from a slightly aggressive, but mostly scared and over excited girl-to a trusting, dog park conquering, still bath time hating, snuggly, playful dog. I hope her short journey through time has brought you readers as much joy and laughs as it has myself.


And on that note….
IMG_1047 ….stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! I can promise you an earful!!