Foster Friday: King Ruben’s Meeker Day’s Debut

UntitledSo…Momma told me this morning that I was opposed to write my very own block for my adorning fans, but I said, “Uh…Hello! It’s gonna have to wait until after I’ve made my dayboot appearance!” I am the king after all, so she had no choice but to let me have my sway.

So we packed up into the car and drove around the coroner to the Meercat Days Festival. Ruben 1Now I’ve never been to a Festival, and boy can I tell you that there were so many people there, but the most exciting were the other dogs! I wanted so badly to meat all the other dogs I saw. Big, small, pretty, puggly, it didn’t matter…they’re all friends to King Ruben, but every time I tried to run ahead of Momma she stopped me and said, “No, Ruben. You’re here to practice meeting people.”

See last Saturday was not King Ruben’s most glorious day. I am King of the Dogs-not King of the People. I used to be scared sniff of big tall scary people. Then I met my Momma and her brother {he may be the tallest of the tall people}, and I have been learning that people usually don’t want to hurt or scare me. In fact, they usually want to give me a nice little scratch behind the ear, or on my back, and they sometimes even have tasty snacks for The King. I am a very influential person, so I did my best to help out by buddies at the rescue by inviting every new friend I met to our adoption event tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I will see some of them there.Ruben 2

Ruben 3 Ruben 9

Ruben 5I learned that kids are my most favorite types of people because they are just my size, and I am just their size. They also sometimes forget to watch their foods very closely, so I can snitch some tasty morsels from their plates. Big people like Momma and her brother are too tall to share their foods with dogs.Ruben 4Sometimes if I make my cutest “please” face I get a bite from somebody’s plate. There were so many people at the Meercat Festival that I figured someone would eventually share with me. One lady even asked if Momma was feeding me enough and I said “Uh…I don’t think she could ever feed me enough.” Ruben 8After we walked around for a couple hours, and I spent some times with my adorning fans while they asked my mom questionings about my kingly-self; we went to meet Momma’s friends D & N, and boy did I love them! They gave me lots of attentions and pets. I got to hang around with them all aftermoon.Ruben 6It was a fun day, and I’m so shrilled to show all my adorning fans how much I am not afraid of them at the next adoption event which just so happens to be tomorrow! Hopefully I will get to make friends with some more tall people. Maybe someone will even decide that they need a new King named Ruben in their house to adorn and love forever!Ruben 7for information about adopting King Ruben:

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