See Spot Go!

Last Wednesday the pups and I packed our bags, and headed over to spend several days playing “nurse” to our grandparents who unfortunately, caught the Norovirus. Not only did it kick their patooties right into the hospital, but it kicked mine right into bed. We were all sick as dogs, and the dogs had sympathy sickness!IMG_1134We spent days laying around doing nothing. No work was done, no playing, just sleeping, and definitely not eating. Thankfully I had two very low maintenance dogs to care for. Delilah was very tentative to Nana’s health, and barely left her side. Spot has been attached to my side for the last two weeks, so he made it his job to watch over me. And a few times, the dogs watched over each other.IMG_1137This is what condition we were in when we got the call this weekend that someone wanted to adopt our big old Spotasaurus. I started trying to jump for joy (I mostly just bounced my head because that’s all I had energy for), and Nana surprisingly shed a few tears. She never expected that “ugly little piggy-dog” to ever be adopted, and thought he would live with me forever.

So Sunday morning, when I was feeling almost myself again, Spot and I loaded up into the car, and drove down the road to meet his new daddy “T” and to meet his new brother Tucker (who is also and Australian Cattle Dog-how perfect). Spot’s daddy gave him a new name-Tanner because he loves “T” names SO MUCH! IMG_1140I have a feeling that Spot’s Tanner’s new home is a perfect match, and we are wishing him so much happiness in his new life with the T’s. 

Stay tuned to meet our next foster!!