Antlers and bones

Meet Kaspen


The time since I’ve started fostering has flown by so quickly. In 2 months I’ve fostered 5 dogs, and much to my surprise, have sent them on to their new homes with more joy than sadness.

I have absolutely LOVED each of the dogs I’ve welcomed into my life, but my home is just a pit stop on their way to better lives.

This Monday I went to pick up my 6th foster: Kaspen-a 5 year old lab/hound mix. He is under weight, and suffering the oh so wonderful bordatella virus. I have been cleaning up after his little puddles of stomach contents all week (poor guy), but he has recovered to only a couple daily puddles and almost no cough. He’s one of the most calm and effortless fosters I’ve had. Delilah has fallen madly in love with him, and will have a broken heart when he goes on to his new home. They get along so well that I feel just fine crating the two of them together in Delilah’s Great Dane kennel which might possibly be big enough for 5 large sized dogs! Kaspen is very playful for his age, and has chewed up almost all of the antlers and bones laying around the house.

Mr. Tyson has had a nice break from the hyperactivity of the herding breeds that I usually end up with, and I’ve even found the two of them cuddled up together for a dog cat nap.
Kaspen has no behavior problems, and will be the perfect dog for anyone!

Come meet Kaspen at our adoption event tomorrow at Petco on 6th Ave in Tacoma. We’ll be there from 11-3, but get there quick because he might just be scooped up by someone else!
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