Meet Wesley

20140622-102241-37361882.jpgDelilah and I have decided to take on a very short-term weekend foster: Wesley. He is a West Highland White Terrier x Basset Hound who has been with us at the rescue for about six weeks, and it just blows my mind to think that no one has scooped up this precious treasure.

He spent last week with a lady who was considering adopting him and wanted a trial run. She brought him back yesterday telling me how in love she is with him, but being an elderly lady, could not take on such a large dog {while Wesley is short; he is stout, and very muscular}. These are the times I appreciate that we do foster-to-adopt for people who are in love with a dog at the event, but are still on the fence about whether they will fit into their life after the dust has settled.

l decided that he needed a short break from the facility for a few days to get out his wiggles, and to take a few days to evaluate Wesley’s adaptability factors. I wanted to see what kind of training he still needs, and to look for behavioral issues. 20140622-102538-37538265.jpg

Not only is Wesley irresistibly adorable; with his pinkish skin, black splots, and long, long eyelashes; he is also basically perfect. He plays and plays with other dogs {who are usually at least twice his size}, he has had no accidents in the house…yet, he is great at walking on a leash {as long as there are no birds, squirrels, or food involved}, and he is a HUGE cuddle bug {he falls asleep on my lap; belly up, and legs in the air}. He is also an avid hiker as reported from one of his recent admirers.

20140622-120548-43548754.jpg Today Wesley and I are going to Cheney Stadium in Tacoma to watch the Rainiers play baseball, and show off his excellent leash, kissing, cuddling, and playing skills!

for information about adopting Wesley:
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visit Wesley and his pals this Saturday at Petco on 6th Ave. in Tacoma 11am-3pm