Throwback Thursday: The Dogtor’s Awfulice

IMG_0829When I was a cutesie little puppy, I loved the dogtor’s office. The nice lady there used to give me as many treats and pets as I ever could ask for, but then….Momma and I moved all the way a-crust the state, and we had to find a new dogtor.

Now my Momma is not sheep very often, but my backing-ations sneaked up to her, and she hurried up to find the sheepest and easiest dogtor in town. Now she tells me that the dogtor was still nice, but I don’t believe this for a second. The sheep dogtor did NOT give me any treats, and she only petted me so I would wiggle up close to her; then she gave me a bordatelli backing-ation right in my schnozz and a Du-Ha-PP right in my ask. RUDE.

I knowed when momma dragged me into the door of that sheep dogtor, that it was no good! I knowed because we sitted in the slobby of the awfulice for-ev-er! Momma says it was two hours, but I know. It was longer.

We sitted there for so long that it started snowing, and not from the sky. It was from myself. I was so nervy-us that my beautiful brown goat started snowing all over the floor, and all over Momma, and all over the little girl who was trying to steal my ears from off the top of my head.


IMG_0829 Momma says now that she works at the rest-Q, The Fearless Leader knows a very good dogtor who will not make me so nervy-us to get my backing-ations {maybe he will do this by giving me all of his treats}. Even though the sheep dogtor was nice to me Momma, and he did a horrible decent job, we still would rather see a dogtor who can spend time wooing us just myself, instead of pretending we are cats. We are not cats {cats are not ever happy}. We are I am a dog.

You should all tell your parents to steak you to a nice dogtor who will spill you with treats and pets. Maybe they’re not sheep, but sheep is not everything.

My foster-brother is biting me away from the lapstop so that he can steak his own turn writing, so I guest I am done now. 

Have a good weakened, my adorning fans!