Delilah was my very first rescue dog, and has been the best dog ever!

My roommate and I picked her up  two years ago from a Walmart parking lot at 5 weeks old, and she has been attached to my hip ever since. She is my go-to adventure buddy, and fabulous entertainer. She is never short of goofy stunts that will make me laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Delilah 017

“Momma says my eyes are the most beautiful she has ever seen. My dark chocolate coat makes them extra shiny.”


“Sometimes I like to wear my momma’s scarfy-thingy when I’m having my nap.”


“I. Hate. The Vet! When I hear that we have to go see the dogtor my ears go back, and my eyes get so big that I look like a fishy, and my skin starts snowing like it’s Christmas or something, and I start worrying at momma about the Bordatelli stuff that, that evil dogtor’s minion likes to shoot up my nose.”


“Can you tell that I LOVE the outdoors?? These are my special shoes for wearing outside in the wild so that my paws don’t fall off. (It really happened once because it was sooo hot outside, and my toes blistered and sure enough-they fell right off!)”



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