Kaspen is at the top of my “Best Fosters” list! This dog is completely perfect, but somehow sat through three adoption events before meeting his new family.


I couldn’t really understand why no one had scooped up this awesome dog. Sure…he may be a little “older” than others, and a little “bleh” at first, but this was the sweetest, and most obedient dog I’d fostered yet. When I picked him up, he had already been at the rescue for at least two weeks. He was very thin, dirty {the kind of dirty where the dirt became part of the skin and caused the fur to clump and fall out}, and infected with a pretty nasty case of Bordatella virus-so I can see why maybe he was passed up due to not being his stellar self…but come on people! What dog has ever been itself at a giant adoption event??

 As usual-I was glad that it took such a long time for someone to show interest in my angelic dog. The woman who adopted him had come clear down to our event from Orcas Island {I may possibly be wrong…my details get fuzzy, but I know it was an impressive distance} to meet Kaspen and another dog she was considering. She wasn’t supposed to be taking a dog home because her family was wanting to meet any prospective dogs, but he was too perfect for her to pass up…and I’m a good sweet talker. 

IMG_1283Kaspen now has this awesome lady for a mom, and a little 6 year old girl to adore.

Kaspen was one of the hardest dogs for me to let go from my home. Delilah loved him, I loved him, and he would have fit perfectly into our lives, but I must foster on! Someday I will come across a dog that I actually cant live without, but that time hasn’t come yet.


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