Little Isis

Isis 1

Little Isis was our first foster dog. She was a one-year-old border collie/beagle mix, and she had all the best qualities of both!


In her eight short days with us, we went on many adventures, taught her that cats are not so mean after all, and that other dogs do not always want to eat her food. We taught her that its okay to relax once in awhile, and it’s also okay to run and have tons of fun.


She taught us that sometimes even the bravest of dogs get scared sometimes, and that it’s okay to not like bath time.

She kept me on my feet with her kitty-cat antics, and Delilah on her feet with her most excellent wrestling maneuvers.


She never stopped moving unless we were in the car and she was all curled up in her sleeping ball.


She has the most stunning eyes with yellow on the outside and gold on the inside.


We were so happy to send Isis home with a family who could give her the physical and mental stimulation she needs.

They were perfect!


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