imageSharpie was my first “perfect” foster dog.

He was a lab/sharpei mix with a slender body like Delilah’s, and all the floppy skin likes Sharpei. His ears follow in typical Sharpei style-they are tiny and hard as rocks.

I’m not sure what his background was or how he came into rescue with The Nourishing Hand, but he was obviously well taken care of before he met us which leads me to believe that he may have been an owner surrender due to lack of finances or a move into an apartment.

He had no behavior issues, he did not mark all over my house, he did not whine and cry when crated, he loved Delilah, and he even came to me clean! One of the only dogs I have not taken urgently to Big Daddy’s for a serious dog wash.

Sharpie was not with me more than two days before he was swept out from under me by a sweet couple and their children. His face just completely lit up when he saw his new kids. Tail wagging and tongue hanging out of his mouth…they were the perfect fit.

Though I had little time with this guy, I am sure he is doing well with his new family.


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