Spot has been my favorite foster so far. I’m not sure if it’s because he had a longer stay with me than the other dogs, or if it’s because he just found a special place in my heart. I picked the big boy up after the adoption event when Isis went home with her new family, and upon meeting him thought “Oh…well this is going to be easy! He’s perfect on leash, and has very little energy.”   Then Spot met the apartment stairs, and (like the majority of my fosters) instantly turned the other way. After a few days of sweet talking he finally stirred up enough courage to climb the stairs on his feet rather than in my arms. Over the first few days with this dog we discovered several other quirks which he quickly got over, but were hilarious none the less. It turns outIMG_1073Despite being a Cattle Dog, Spot had no interest in expending the kind of energy necessary for chasing cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, etc.. all he ever wanted to do was stand, sit, or lay down at my feet (probably why I loved this dog so much!). No matter how hard Delilah tried to get Spot to chase her with the ball, or some other toy, the best she got was a half-hearted one-lap run walk-around from him. He was incredibly chill, and wanted everyone around him to follow suit. Naps are his specialty, and the sandman is his very best friend.

IMG_1087 Spot was the very first dog Delilah loved, and I was surprised to find these two snuggled up together as often as I did. Delilah is somewhat persnickety with other dogs, and doesn’t like close contact unless she feels completely comfortable with them. Being that we have never had a foster for more than 2 weeks, it’s rare that she is at ease with another dog very quickly.

IMG_1111 IMG_1112

IMG_1137 Spot was finally adopted by a man who had been watching his profile since I started fostering him, and they are just perfect for each other. Spot has a new name: Tanner, and a new older (but not handsomer) brother Tucker. And I know he is just being spoiled rotten with wonderful hikes and runs every day. I’m sure he’s lost a lot more weight too!


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