The Maverick

When I heard that my next foster needed work on fear aggression and socializing-I was stoked!

When I heard that my next foster was a Chihuahua-I almost cried!

I am not-nor have I ever been-a huge lover of small dogs. My general rule governing my surroundings is this “If I can break it, I shouldn’t have it”. This not only applies to dogs, but to other things as well…plates, phones, shoes, clothing, furniture, anything-dainty-and-made-of-glass…you get the picture. To no avail, our rescue’s Fearless Leader is really good at coercing us foster moms into taking dogs we don’t want anything to do with.

IMG_1322When I first went met Maverick, I still had Kaspen, but still wanted to make myself familiar to my new dog.

Maverick had barricaded himself in the same crate used to transport him, and refused to come out for over two days. I’m usually quick at making dogs feel comfortable around me, and had successfully made physical contact with my previous dogs in less than about thirty minutes. You can imagine how agonizing it was for me to sit on the floor next to the crate-waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

About two hours passed before I finally was able to slip-lead Maverick and force him into the middle of the living room where I again-waited. He eventually made it into my lap for a snuggle, and has never looked back.

This dog changed my mind about small breeds, and they are now some of my favorite dogs.

Maverick went back to the rescue facility to make space for Dexter the first time he was surrendered, and stayed there until we discovered that the entire time we had him-the disgusting smell coming from his mouth wasn’t bad breathit was a now infected, broken jaw which he received before arriving with us. For his recovery he went and stayed with Foster “D” and her boyfriend. They fell right into love with Maverick, just like I had done, and they decided to keep him. He is now a mentor for other small dogs that “D” works on socializing. I’m so happy that my little buddy was able to stay in the family where I can have updates and photos of him often.


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