The Wide World of Rescue

 The dog rescue world is so wonderful!

The number of dogs saved each year, from poor-quality lives, would not be in their new homes or foster care without the shared resources of dog lovers and a strong network between rescues.

New dog owners, volunteers, and fosters rely on the expertise shared among each other. The struggle is ongoing  to give these little souls better lives, and I love to remind myself that we are all reaching towards the same goal, and it brings me so much joy to find myself networking with people across the country; sharing stories, and experiences with them through the blogosphere.

Here are just few links to other websites where I have laughed, cried, and learned with others through blogging and other online resources:




Left-Behind K-9: A foster network out of Covington. Just getting on their feet, these people give the best for their dogs, and deserve tons of love and support as they continue to grow their operations. Please take a look at their adoptable dogs list, and donate or sponsor a dog through them!

Saving Paws of Washington: Obviously-this is the rescue I volunteer and foster with. We frequently transport 15-20 dogs from Wenatchee, Tenasket, Oraville, Yakima, Spokane, and many other parts of Washington on a weekly basis. We are a well established rescue, but are always in need of new resources from tangible items to volunteers and foster homes. This is where most rescues post their adoptable dogs. It covers the entire nation, so if I really wanted to adopt a dog from Georgia, I would be able to contact a rescue over there, and probably even get help arranging a transport for it. I believe this website is run mainly by volunteers, and was created by a couple who rescued their dog, and wanted an easier way for shelters to advertise their available dogs, as well as make it easier for adopters to find their new forever companion. It’s always so much more rewarding to adopt a dog who needs a new home, than to spend god knows how much money on a dog from a breeder which has show papers you will never use.


Love and A Six-Foot Leash: These guys are not currently fostering, but the author of this blog is an amazing writer, photographer, and Pit Bull advocate. If you are interested in fostering at all-she gives a very clear picture of the frustrations and rewards that come from sharing your home with a rescue dog. This blog inspired me to become involved in dog rescue with the intent to foster dogs. Please, please, please…go through her archives from day one and read every word! Soak them up! My hope is that you will laugh, cry, and be inspired as I was by her incredible experiences. The link will take you to the first blog post!

The Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer: This lady is insanely wise! I follow every word of her advise, and am constantly following her blog and website for reminders and tips on dog behavior. She frequently works with red-zone dogs, and is an expert on canine diet and wellness. Please thoroughly read her website, and soak up all the information you can find!

Lucky Dog Rescue Blog: This blog hasn’t been updated in quite some time, but is a source of inspiration. Written by a woman who runs her boarding kennel and rescue; she does an excellent job encompassing the entire rescue experience. The fun, the sad, and the mundane.

Peace, Love, & Fostering: I originally came across this blog via Love and A Six-foot Leash, and while I don’t think the author is still a foster-she is well on her way to becoming a great trainer. She frequently posts about dog rescue, training, playing…anything dog related basically, and is a huge pit bull lover! Please check it out you will enjoy watching this girl and her work with dogs.

No Dog About It Blog: If you are looking for anything dog related, please visit this blog. The author has excellent advise about human-dog relations, and (I believe…) has had several fosters.

The Science Dog: These guys have some of the best advise I’ve ever taken. They cover dog behavior from dog parks to teaching your dog to sit. Their blog is a gold mine of information, and I find myself pouring through their posts on a regular basis. Not only do they explain dog behavior in a very simple way, but they teach you why certain methods and your own behavior affects your dog in different ways.

Pet Dynamics: A couple from Finland write this blog using their own two rescue dogs as example of how to train your dog to behave out doors in off leash environments when camping, trail-running or hiking. They frequently refer to the Victoria Stilwell approach. For those of you who don’t know, she’s basically the kind and sweet hippie version of the Dog Whisperer and succeeds at modifying dog behavior through human behavior (go figure). This couple does an excellent job, so when your dog is ready for their off-leash outdoor training, visit this blog!



  1. I’ve read every word in every post of Love and a Six Foot Leash as well! How funny that other people do that. We were so meant to be blog friends!
    Thank you so much for the Liebster award. I’m working on the response right now.


    1. Ahh!! That’s so awesome. I just eat up those posts. I still go through the archives of that blog every so often and I’m so disappointed that we haven’t seen anything from them in awhile.


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